The Taltion service has ended

Taltion service has ended 31.8.2017.

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Create a new medication card on your computer

Open a saved medication card

Lää service allows you to store information on your medication and vaccinations.

Lää (Medication card) is an electronic service for managing your medication information. The service is developed by Pharmaceutical Information Centre. It allows you to store, modify and print information on your medication and vaccinations.

It is easier to manage your medication information when it is stored electronically. You will also be able to keep your vaccination information up-to-date with the simple form. You can save the information to your computer or to a Taltioni account.

You can print your medication card in different formats: a printout and a medication card. The printout conveniently lists all your current medication and is useful to have with you when you visit your doctor. The medication card is the size of a credit card and fits easily in your wallet, meaning you always have your important information with you.

Managing your vaccinations is also easy with Lää Your medication card is the perfect tool for checking when your next vaccination is due and if they are up-to-date for a trip to a foreign county.

Lää aids self-treatment and makes the use of medication safer. Lää has been developed in cooperation with Vaasa Central Hospital.

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